zaterdag 18 september 2010

Little black dress

I like the green and blue, really good combi.

maandag 13 september 2010

I wish,

I wish I would have bought these shoes....

My hated them, but I thougt they were great. They were too expensive (I tought).
Now I regret it...

woensdag 8 september 2010

Everybody was Kong Fu Fighting,

I saw two women wearing this at Paolo Nutini in Lucca, last summer.
Don't know if it's the right look for me, but I really liked it at the women!

Natalie Dee,

I really like these drawings! Verry Funny!!

Check this out for more ;

O, and just click at the picture for a bigger few.

dinsdag 7 september 2010

Fredflare; fork,knive and spoon

But verry awesome!!!!

maandag 6 september 2010

Holland Rocks!

These band/singers I adore,, Yeah, they've got talent!! (and are dutch)

Go Back To The Zoo ; Electric (Going to see; 25th of February 2010)

Dewolff ; Don't you go up the sky (seen many times!)

C-mon & Kypski ; Shitty bum (seen at Pinkpop 2010)

Tim Knol ; When I Am King (Not yet!)


vrijdag 3 september 2010

woensdag 1 september 2010

The eye of the tiger...

The tiger print.
I'm gonna show you a way to wear the print, not being to hoochie.